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Ys VI - English Translation 1305only
Name Ys VI - English Translation 1305only
Description This is the english translation for Ys VI - The Ark Of Napishtim. This file is exclusive for the owners of the latest edition of the game ( version 1.3.0.x) including the so called "Vista Compatible Edition".
Please check up the READ-Me files inside the archieve and follow all the suggestions and steps provided into it.
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03 Jul 2012
thanks for your hard work. it's really helped.
17 Jun 2011
@pocococo: You don't have to buy it now - Groupon Japan are giving the newest version of the game away!

Go here for further information:

You don't have to be a member to read threads, only to reply to them. Just follow the instructions and Roberto's your zio, so to speak. :p

Good luck!
24 Jul 2010
Awesome. Can't wait to try it out. Plan to save up some $$ and order the Vista version from Falcom.

I'm looking forward to playing this game on Nightmare level... and with comprehension of all the words!! : )
18 Jul 2010
This is exactly what the Internet is for, allowing great people like you to help other people have access to what they really want to see. Good job, dear sir, you are awesome.
15 Mar 2010
Thanks alot bro.
13 Mar 2010
A very BIG THANX for sharing your great work guys !!
15 Jan 2010
Thanks alot thats what RPG fans web sites should do , work and help other fans in the games , and its really hard work you do in translation , not like other web sites they talk nothing they just keep saying ( please dont double post ) or ( this subject is repeated go search for ) and then they close the thread :S thats what they are good at , but you your the BEST keep on the good work

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