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Xanadu Next English Translation Patch v 2.0
Name Xanadu Next English Translation Patch v 2.0

Xanadu Next English Translation Patch v 2.0


Please, read well the READ-ME.txt file that comes
with the patch.

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28 Nov 2016
Sono certo che l'attuale versione del gioco che si trova nello store steam e GoG è stata creata grazie a voi, stranamente ora il gioco l'ho comprato in inglese, adesso si spera in una traduzione ENG -> ITA <3 sarebbe un progetto alquanto ambizioso che solo voi potete fare, dato che ne avete fatto uno più grande in passato da JAP a ENG, vi abbraccio con affetto!
17 Jun 2015
Hello all, did anyone got this game running in Win8/Win8.1 ?
Everytime i try to equip items the game crashes, no matter what compatibility setting etc, any suggestions?
27 Oct 2013
gonna try this for win 8
i hope this is going to work perfectly
12 Aug 2013
Awesome! Thank you so much for working on this.
14 Jul 2013
Thank's for your great work,,,
03 Mar 2013
Genial, gracias por este excelente trabajo
18 Jan 2013
Thanks a bunch
13 Aug 2012
I appreciate your hard work, bros.
02 Jul 2012
thank you a lot great work
12 Dec 2011
Thanks! I love Falcom games it's a shame they never get the proper attention and get translated

Any chance to translate VM Japan? Ohh well I'm just saying ok. I don't want to be those guys who keep making requests!
03 Dec 2011
Thank You Vvvvvverrrrrrrry Mmmmmmmmuch.... I've Waited for so long ohohohoooo figlidigaucci is de best
23 Nov 2011
Mille GRAZIE per questa chicca!
15 Nov 2011
Awesome, thanks for the hard work on this excellent translation. This rival or suspasses official translations, keep up the awesome work dudes!
13 Nov 2011
Me and my friends here in Brazil, thanks for the translation.
Keep up the good work of yours!

Muito Obrigado!!!
10 Nov 2011
ohh yeah i love translation thx pl
10 Nov 2011
Thanks a lot i'm really enjoying playing this game, i hope you'll make more and more and more translations for falcom games
08 Nov 2011
Surprised and happy to find a decent game translation out. Got it working this morning. Thank You very much!!
08 Nov 2011
Thank you so much
08 Nov 2011
Wow! First Ys Origins and now Xanadu Next? Thank you so much ) Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
08 Nov 2011
Thank you so much for all the great work you have done! Kudos to the team!
08 Nov 2011
Fantastic job,really professional look,wish you guys got more money doing this kind of service.
Thanks a lot.
07 Nov 2011
thx a lot, and keep up this excellent work !
07 Nov 2011
Thanks loads for this, great work guys!
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for the latest DVD-ROM version of the game.

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