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È stata nuovamente abilitata la conferma della registrazione da parte degli utenti. Buon divertimento!!!

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Ready for some exciting trip?


Sir Knight wished places he's never seen
but he didn't know where they could have been
So what he happened right to think
was asking Barman Alcott for a drink
but having got no hint for a while
he turned to Frieda and gave her a smile
she nodded and offered him some wine
and suggested him to ask a friend of mine;
Songstress Sandra, if you want some more
will reveal you what you're looking for.
Sandra sang, danced and offered another turn
'till his blood began to burn.
Tired, sleepy and quite drunk
he went upstairs to the plank
but when he got in his room with mice
he said: oh, my! I see things twice..


I see twice...



update: I just wanted to say that there's a hack hidden in the game: when in the tavern, if you talk in the exact sequence

to Barman Alcott, Frieda and Songstress Sandra, then go upstais to your room, there you will find the two copies of your sister

that will bring you to several game easter eggs, leftovers from Falcom's programmers, and duly fixed by me.



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Xanadu Next for Win7, al last!

Greetings from GHO.

It took a while, but finally here it comes: the Xanadu Next translation patch release 2.0 for all game releases, including the new one adapted for Vista and Win7 operating systems.

The patch should handle any official game release on any platform up to Win7 (anyone would care to try it on Windows 8? I didn't, actually...), but not a patched game version: if you patched the game already with one of the Figlidigaucci's patches or someone else's, you'll have to uninstall (bak up your savegames first!!!) and reinstall the game to get a plain fresh new installation, and then apply the patch.

I don't want to bother you more than necessary, so back your savegames up (did I say that already? Ok, better tell it twice!), download the patch in the download section, follow the instructions and enjoy the game.

Just one thing.... as I said some time ago, surprises are not finished..... stay tuned for more!  Wink


Xanadu Next English Patch 2.0


on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Productions

by ghotik2002, Sunday, 24 February 2013 21:34, Comments(3), read all
A little gift for the new year: Xanadu Next Translation v. 1.1 released

Hi guys

this is the first post of the year and so.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Laughing

Nothing changed in our lives 'till now...we will see in the future.

Well.. this is a little gift for the new year:

Xanadu Next Translation patch v. 1.1 is released.

As you will read in the read-me file, it fixes an important bug in the World of the Dead Maze and it adds the translation for the final boss of the same level.

You really have to thank Gho for this fast and useful fix since he fixed the translation in really few time.

It's my fault if the patch wasn't released 'till now but I hope you all will excuse me for being late with this new release.

So... few details... there are two new files in our Download Section:

1) the simple fix for the users who already installed the previous 1.0 version

2) the new and complete Xanadu Next UK patch 1.1 for the ones that didn't install the previous patch.

Please follw the instructions in the read-me files inside the archieves.

It's all for now.




on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Productions

by Doppiapunta, Monday, 02 January 2012 21:23, Comments(1), read all
Dinosaur Resurrection translation project started!!!

Hi guys

this is a little and fast news just to tell you that we are currenlty workin' over a new project. read well..a new Falcom game translation project is currently running.

The game where we are workin' on is Dinosaur Resurrection.




Actually Gho and Tancients are workin' over it from a little while. Hackin' process is goin' fine and the translation process has already started.

We are at the really beginnin' of the work and many things are still to be done. So... stay tuned and we will keep you informed about all the future developments.

Bye Bye guys



on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Productions

by Doppiapunta, Wednesday, 14 December 2011 21:16, Comments(2), read all
Xanadu Next English patch finally released!!!


Hello, dear Falcom's production fans: this is going to be a very special day for any of you that was waiting for another fine translation patch

for a much worthy game: Xanadu Next!

After several years of hard work by a small but strongly motivated group, the figlidigaucci team is proud to publish for the pure joy

of doing it the Xanadu Next UK translation patch.


This patch translates everything formerly in japanese into english, but I assure you surprises are not over.

Enjoy this game and stay tuned for further news.

So, special greetings from the translation crew:

Gho (that is, me...) - Team Manager, Lead Hacker, Lead Coder.
Tancients - Lead Translator
Doppiapunta - Graphics editor, Project Coordinator

Download the patch from .... and be sure to read the readme.txt carefully before installing.

Click here to download the patch.


 - GHO

on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Team




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Ys Origin English Translation patch is out!!!

Hello guys

this is a really important day: Ys Origin English Translation patch is out!!!




After three years of hard work we are proud to finally provide you the so long-waited Ys Origin ENG Patch.

We are really really happy.... we worked really hard over it for a lot of time,.

We experienced a lot of troubles, many times we were near to throw in the towel but in the end we can say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


I, Doppiapunta, personally want to thank my team-mates, Deuce and Gho, for the really cool work they do during these last months.

You were more that simple team-mates guys.

I really want to thank all our fans and supporters, The Ancient Land of Ys Community and the former translation team members: Wyrdwad, Varion, Floofy and Fated Soul.

Thank you friends for givin' me the opportunity to work with you.

Now this is the end of this project....please, before applying the translation patch, read well the READ-ME file inside the patch archive.

Enjoy this beautiful game. and submit us your ideas and suggestions.

You can download from here:

C U soon


- Doppiapunta

on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Productions

by Doppiapunta, Tuesday, 27 September 2011 21:42, Comments(36), read all
Just before holiday Update!!!

Hy guys

another news before leavin' for summer holidays.

Last month was a plenty of works above our current projects: Ys Origin and Xanadu Next.

Let's start with Xanadu Next updates:

- the patch is almost done. We can say it can be considered a "gold" version. Our main hacker and project coordinator Gho spent some of his time fixin' some boring bugs and trying to clean the work as well as possible. We'll hope to release the english patch next autumn... no date was established 'till now.

About Ys Origin:

- I succeded finising the testing over Yunica storyline. The process was not as fast as I wished (thought) since I was testing on Win 7 64 bit edition and it seems that sometimes the games has some troubles with that SO. I spend a lot of time trying to understand if it was a patch related bug or a windows 7 related bug. In the end, things became clear while testing the buggy part with Windows Xp and seeing that everything worked fine on that SO:

In few words... Windows 7 seems to do strange things... sometimes. We will try to release also the 1103 version, that is to say the Win Vista dedicated version, hopin' that peculiar Vista version will work better on Windows 7.

So... as I already told you I tested the whole Yunica scenario and it's really cool, now. I have to test both Hugo and Toal ones but I think I'll start them after summer holiday and if everything work fine, the final patch won't make you wait you any longer.

So... I ask you to take patience again... and in order to make you drool a little bit in the meanwhile, I'll post down here some new screens, related to advanced scenes in Yunica scenario.

I hope you will enjoy them :)











Ok guys... have a nice summer, spend good and relaxin' holidays.

Stay tuned.


CU soon


- Doppiapunta

on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Prod.



by Doppiapunta, Friday, 05 August 2011 15:42, Comments(6), read all
And Ys Origin Translation finally goes to beta testing

Hello guys

this is Doppiapunta.

As many of you already know we've worked over Ys Origin English patch for three years.

Well... there were some news in the past, followed by a deep silence and secret. No revelations were released since we wanted to be concentrated over the work and to devote all our efforts

aimin' to a final resul: a really good patch for all the Ys fans. Many people bored us, other wrote the project was dead and so on... never mind. Shut up...we are here!

So...after spendin' a lot of time translatin', editin' tons of images and hackin' many game aspects we finnlly reached the end.

Now all the text is translated, all the images are edited and the hackings are mature and completed.

In these hours I'm building a beta patch to distribute to three or four really trusted guys who will deeply test the English patch in order to avoid crashes or bugs.

As you all know the game is quite long: three different main stories with tons of dialogues.

It won't be easy but we are sure we will reach the final step: the release. So... for now... I can only post here some new screens just for your sake.

Stay tuned guys... the project isn't dead at all despite all the rumors of the last months.

C U soon for important news.














- Doppiapunta

on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Productions

by Doppiapunta, Tuesday, 31 May 2011 21:44, Comments(6), read all
Ys Origin... still rockin'

Hi guys

it's been a while from the last time I wrote an english news about Ys Origin.

Life is goin' fastly and troubles are time-wasters.

But... we are still workin' over the project... it's not dead.

We did a lot of progresses in the development of the English translation for this cool game released by Falcom.

We finished some parts while other ones are still in development.

It's still quite hard to state a release date for the patch but we are goinì on... day after day, week after week with a good pace.

In order to calm down your curiosity I'm goinì to post down here a bunch of screenhos that will show you the cool work over the graphics and the high level translation.

I hope you will enjoy them:











Oky ppercentage update, no release other extimations...just stay tuned and pretty soon you will be able to play Ys Origin in english.


Bye Bye


- Doppiapunta

I Figli di Gaucci Productions


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Ys Origin - Mid-Summer Update

Hi guys

this is my first news in english. The reason of this decision is that I'm goin' to give you some informations about the progresses of the Ys Origin English Translation Project.

After a kind of stan-by period we succeded in settin' up a new and cool team: there are three new translators theat decided to join us in this project.

They are the well known Sora No Kiseki's translator Floofy, her teammate Varion and the newcomer FatedSoul.

There is a new important member, too.. about this new member there is a little secret. I'll inform you in the next future ;)

What about the project? Well..things are goin' pretty fine, the new team is workin' with the right mood and fastly.

Wyrdwad and Floofy went to OTAKON convention, a big convention about games and other things that took place in Baltimora from the last July 17th to July 19 th, where they set up a little panel about Falcom stuff.

Among this stuff there was a cool preview video that shows the progresses over Ys Origin with a series of caotion taken from the traslated parts we did.

It's a cool can find it down here and, obviously, on YouTube.

Here it is...enjoy with it :)


Oky it's all for now.

We will provide new informations about the project status in the next weeks.

Have anice time guys and thank for all your comments and suggestions all over the web.

C u soon



on belhalf of I Figli di Gaucci productions

by Doppiapunta, Thursday, 06 August 2009 15:47, Comments(2), read all

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