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Just before holiday Update!!!

Hy guys

another news before leavin' for summer holidays.

Last month was a plenty of works above our current projects: Ys Origin and Xanadu Next.

Let's start with Xanadu Next updates:

- the patch is almost done. We can say it can be considered a "gold" version. Our main hacker and project coordinator Gho spent some of his time fixin' some boring bugs and trying to clean the work as well as possible. We'll hope to release the english patch next autumn... no date was established 'till now.

About Ys Origin:

- I succeded finising the testing over Yunica storyline. The process was not as fast as I wished (thought) since I was testing on Win 7 64 bit edition and it seems that sometimes the games has some troubles with that SO. I spend a lot of time trying to understand if it was a patch related bug or a windows 7 related bug. In the end, things became clear while testing the buggy part with Windows Xp and seeing that everything worked fine on that SO:

In few words... Windows 7 seems to do strange things... sometimes. We will try to release also the 1103 version, that is to say the Win Vista dedicated version, hopin' that peculiar Vista version will work better on Windows 7.

So... as I already told you I tested the whole Yunica scenario and it's really cool, now. I have to test both Hugo and Toal ones but I think I'll start them after summer holiday and if everything work fine, the final patch won't make you wait you any longer.

So... I ask you to take patience again... and in order to make you drool a little bit in the meanwhile, I'll post down here some new screens, related to advanced scenes in Yunica scenario.

I hope you will enjoy them :)











Ok guys... have a nice summer, spend good and relaxin' holidays.

Stay tuned.


CU soon


- Doppiapunta

on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Prod.



by Doppiapunta, Friday, 05 August 2011 15:42, Comments(6)
15 Sep 2011
surely worth the wait when this patch will be released, more power and god bless
04 Sep 2011
I installed both windows 7 and xp waiting for this game
08 Aug 2011
that is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06 Aug 2011
Excellent pics! Thank you for the hard work, thanks to you we can play these great games in a language we understand! hope you enjoy the very well deserved holidays! Master!
Meanwhile I'll go clean my YsO discs! Ohhh the wait!
06 Aug 2011
So you were playing XP version on Win7 64 bit or were you playing the dedicated win7 version 1.2.X.X?

Anyway thanks for all of the hard work
05 Aug 2011
this is a really great news to for us patiently waiting for this release, thank you for the effort for all the hard work you done translating the game we all appreciate it.

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