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Ys Origin English Translation patch is out!!!

Hello guys

this is a really important day: Ys Origin English Translation patch is out!!!




After three years of hard work we are proud to finally provide you the so long-waited Ys Origin ENG Patch.

We are really really happy.... we worked really hard over it for a lot of time,.

We experienced a lot of troubles, many times we were near to throw in the towel but in the end we can say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


I, Doppiapunta, personally want to thank my team-mates, Deuce and Gho, for the really cool work they do during these last months.

You were more that simple team-mates guys.

I really want to thank all our fans and supporters, The Ancient Land of Ys Community and the former translation team members: Wyrdwad, Varion, Floofy and Fated Soul.

Thank you friends for givin' me the opportunity to work with you.

Now this is the end of this project....please, before applying the translation patch, read well the READ-ME file inside the patch archive.

Enjoy this beautiful game. and submit us your ideas and suggestions.

You can download from here:

C U soon


- Doppiapunta

on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Productions

by Doppiapunta, Tuesday, 27 September 2011 21:42, Comments(36)
09 Nov 2011
Thanks a lot ! I've been following your work for a long time

07 Nov 2011
¡¡ Grazie mille ragazzi !! Bravi come sempre...
07 Nov 2011
First of all, thanks! Great job, besides there is still some things that aren't translated. So, the thing is: after I beat a boss that is like a, not sure, giant ant, (the battle consists in hit his face until he faints and we have to strike his brain, open on top of his head, reached by climbing his arms), when I try to advance to the next stage, the game crashes, saying that patch stopped working. I was really enjoying the game, but couldn't make it work after this point anymore. Someone can help? Thanks!
28 Oct 2011
I too want to thank you for fantastic work. Ys O is my favourite part of this series.
22 Oct 2011
Thank you for your work.
09 Oct 2011
Quando si va da dino a prendere la statua, un dialogo fuoriesce dalla schermata.
Sephiroth 1311
06 Oct 2011
05 Oct 2011
thank to all of you!
02 Oct 2011
Thanks guys for the great (and hard! work, the patch is awesome and God bless you all!
02 Oct 2011
I can't thank you enough for the work you did!
Well done!
02 Oct 2011
Hi !
So I installed everything and everything is working. Alas, when I load a game, the menu (equip/option/load, etc) make the game crash (I can't acces it after a load). It might get annoying since the Menu is quite important in a RPG. Here is the message I got :

Error data\menu\Topic\ while reading. The archive seemsdamaged. Try reinstalling to recover.

I've done everything like you explained on "Ancient Land Of Ys" forums. And I tried reinstalling like error message says, but nothing changes.
Thanks for the translation and help if you can.

02 Oct 2011
Finished. It was ultimate fun, the translation was really good and I'm sure I'll play this game once again.
I thank you once more, you did a fabulous job.
01 Oct 2011
It is completely awesome!! Completely worth the wait and ive been waiting for a patch not since these guys started but since the game came out. Installed flawlessly and I was up and running right away. Thank you Ys Origin Translation Team!!
30 Sep 2011
Install without any problem, thanks
30 Sep 2011
The translation doesn't work. I tried everything.
30 Sep 2011
tried every way possible to install this and it doesn't work tried every version of the game original
30 Sep 2011
Thank you!
29 Sep 2011
Is the Settings application supposed to be untranslated? If yes, is there an ETA on that being translated?
29 Sep 2011
Thank you very much ! You're a God ! After have following all steps in the readme file all seems to work fine on the 1000 version of the game.
28 Sep 2011
yeahhhhhhh now, where can I buy this game ?
28 Sep 2011
Install without any problem, all work correctly
28 Sep 2011
Read here described in READ-Me file.

Triforce ended with the correct procedure as described in the READ-ME file along with eh patch.
You have to update the game with Origin data Disk and not with the 1100 patch.
28 Sep 2011
nickryosuke i had the similar problems at first. But i found out what was happening.

It seems like if the YSO_WIN.exe isn't the correct size then the patch will actually delete 2 files and fails to patch the game. The problem is the process wont tell you it failed. I was using a YSO_WIN.exe which i think was 2,376kb (i cant be sure on the size now because I've replaced it). Anyway, after patching and going back to the installation dir i could see all it deleted 2 files ( data_1100. files) it does back them up but it also failed to patch the exe.

When this happened it left all the xdelta patches behind in the install dir, so I then tied to manually patch it via command line, no luck. Then i tried an xdelta UI but it said the 1100 patch failed because the exe was too short. It's worth noting that i was using the legit 1100 update from falcoms site. Anyway I eventually ended up replacing the YSO_WIN.exe for a 1100 version from a Ys Origin Extra Disc. This executable was larger. (2,404kb). After that i run the patch again and this time it worked. It didn't delete the data_1100. files and didn't leave any xdelta files behind.

I understand i have probably confused you more than anything but it seems to be working for me now so the info might help someone.
Made a quick vid to show it working:
28 Sep 2011
now i get this one... couldnt open file 80ff0009h data\image\locus6.ddsg_static.cpp(164)
28 Sep 2011
everytime i install a clean game then run patch it says successful but when i run the game its still in jap...
28 Sep 2011
28 Sep 2011
I'm getting this error:

failed; release\data_1100.? not found(2)
28 Sep 2011
wooow thanks guys
28 Sep 2011
awesome, and thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this!!
28 Sep 2011
28 Sep 2011
Best day ever!!! Thank you for all of your hard work
28 Sep 2011
i have installed the patch 3 times to the folder of the game and it is never in english? is there a tutorial anywheres..
28 Sep 2011
i have installed the patch 3 times to the folder of the game and it is never in english? is there a tutorial anywheres..
28 Sep 2011
WoW, Finnaly It came out!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuu XD
28 Sep 2011
Wow, you guys rock! Wasn't even expecting this when I came here today! Thank you for all your hard work!
27 Sep 2011
Woah - thank you very much for translating Ys:O! I've been checking out whether the patch is out 3 or 4 times every day for the past two months. Once again - thanks a bunch!

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