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Secure your forum

Postby MovieLover2595 » Sat Jul 28, 2007 7:44 am


Your forum is wide open to automatic registrations and postings. Spammers can use it to spread their junk automatically, just like we did to send you this message.

Find 'projekt spambot' on Google and to learn how we did this and how to secure your forum against this pest.

This is a one-time posting by 'Projekt SpamBot 2.0' to help forum-admins to secure their software. This account will not be used again, you can delete it (and this post) if you wish.
(We know we said it would have been a one time-posting the last time, but now being able to cr3k phpBB's CAPTCHA and the 'Humanizer' so easily lead us to version 2.0 to tell the community how unsafe phpBB is *again*.)

phpBB's standard-CAPTCHA is NOT safe. If you activated it for your forum, this post is the proof that it can be broken. (Our article tells you how.) Also the standard-'Humanizer' offers no security. You'll agree if you have it installed and have this text posted to your forum.

To stop spammers we recommend the MODs 'Advanced Visual Confirmation' and 'Unique Registration Hash' which can be found at or the MOD-database on 'Antibot Question MOD' is a good way to keep your forum clean and the MOD 'Anti-Spam ACP' also offers various modifications against spam.


PS: E-Mails and PMs to this account as well as replies to this post will not be read.
PPS: if you received this message several times, your forum is probably reachable through more than one URL
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