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Xanadu Next English patch finally released!!!


Hello, dear Falcom's production fans: this is going to be a very special day for any of you that was waiting for another fine translation patch

for a much worthy game: Xanadu Next!

After several years of hard work by a small but strongly motivated group, the figlidigaucci team is proud to publish for the pure joy

of doing it the Xanadu Next UK translation patch.


This patch translates everything formerly in japanese into english, but I assure you surprises are not over.

Enjoy this game and stay tuned for further news.

So, special greetings from the translation crew:

Gho (that is, me...) - Team Manager, Lead Hacker, Lead Coder.
Tancients - Lead Translator
Doppiapunta - Graphics editor, Project Coordinator

Download the patch from .... and be sure to read the readme.txt carefully before installing.

Click here to download the patch.


 - GHO

on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Team




by ghotik2002, Sunday, 06 November 2011 15:26, Comments(5)
26 Nov 2011
You guys are on fire. Respect.
14 Nov 2011
You guys RULE!!!! thanks a lot!!!
13 Nov 2011
Thanks you again, i think i m near the end of the game and i m having a great time
10 Nov 2011
Thank you
09 Nov 2011
Thanks for another great work. I don't know this series, but I'll try and see for myself thanks to you guys.
And it's a falcom game, so it's good to say at least.

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