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Dinosaur Resurrection translation project started!!!

Hi guys

this is a little and fast news just to tell you that we are currenlty workin' over a new project. read well..a new Falcom game translation project is currently running.

The game where we are workin' on is Dinosaur Resurrection.




Actually Gho and Tancients are workin' over it from a little while. Hackin' process is goin' fine and the translation process has already started.

We are at the really beginnin' of the work and many things are still to be done. So... stay tuned and we will keep you informed about all the future developments.

Bye Bye guys



on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Productions

by Doppiapunta, Wednesday, 14 December 2011 21:16, Comments(2)
04 Feb 2012
Never thought i would ever see this one . thanks
23 Dec 2011
Best News Ever!

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