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Ready for some exciting trip?


Sir Knight wished places he's never seen
but he didn't know where they could have been
So what he happened right to think
was asking Barman Alcott for a drink
but having got no hint for a while
he turned to Frieda and gave her a smile
she nodded and offered him some wine
and suggested him to ask a friend of mine;
Songstress Sandra, if you want some more
will reveal you what you're looking for.
Sandra sang, danced and offered another turn
'till his blood began to burn.
Tired, sleepy and quite drunk
he went upstairs to the plank
but when he got in his room with mice
he said: oh, my! I see things twice..


I see twice...



update: I just wanted to say that there's a hack hidden in the game: when in the tavern, if you talk in the exact sequence

to Barman Alcott, Frieda and Songstress Sandra, then go upstais to your room, there you will find the two copies of your sister

that will bring you to several game easter eggs, leftovers from Falcom's programmers, and duly fixed by me.



by ghotik2002, Friday, 07 June 2013 20:58, Comments(2)
17 Jun 2013
Oh, my! I do hate when I have to explain jokes and hacks.
Mind that when I wrote it, I thought I'd regret having highligted in bold some too obvious hints... and now, after more than a week, it turns out that nobody undertood... I really can't believe that!
Arghhh! You're provoking the angryness of GHO! Poor man whom didn't understand the power of the verb. Don't fool and don't ask in vain. Just follow the directions, isn't it too difficult, I think...
12 Jun 2013
I would place in the bedroom the 2 hot chicks (the dancers) instead of those 2 kids...

What is this? Are you working on a hack/mod or it's just that you were bored when you did it?

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