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Xanadu Next for Win7, al last!

Greetings from GHO.

It took a while, but finally here it comes: the Xanadu Next translation patch release 2.0 for all game releases, including the new one adapted for Vista and Win7 operating systems.

The patch should handle any official game release on any platform up to Win7 (anyone would care to try it on Windows 8? I didn't, actually...), but not a patched game version: if you patched the game already with one of the Figlidigaucci's patches or someone else's, you'll have to uninstall (bak up your savegames first!!!) and reinstall the game to get a plain fresh new installation, and then apply the patch.

I don't want to bother you more than necessary, so back your savegames up (did I say that already? Ok, better tell it twice!), download the patch in the download section, follow the instructions and enjoy the game.

Just one thing.... as I said some time ago, surprises are not finished..... stay tuned for more!  Wink


Xanadu Next English Patch 2.0


on behalf of I Figli di Gaucci Productions

by ghotik2002, Sunday, 24 February 2013 21:34, Comments(3)
19 Jun 2013
xdediosl wrotr: I would like to know how to get to that secret place that shows the image

well, I think you should know by now how to see places you've never seen... just read my last post carefully!
20 Mar 2013
i have a problem with xanadu next and patch 2.0:
the game crash every time i try to drag and drop something to equip with the mouse
i am under win 7 64 bit

any advice?

28 Feb 2013
I'm playing great xanadu next in windows 8 and I had no problem just a small detail in the installation but solved by creating a folder "c: Users James Application Data " because in windows 8 is called "AppData".

I would like to know how to get to that secret place that shows the image

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