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Ys VI - The Ark Of Napishtim English Translation Project

Ys 6 - The Ark Of Napishtim English Translation Project

Software-House: Nihon Falcom
Game-Platform: PC
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 2003

  © 2003 - Nihon Falcom Corporation. All Rights Reserved
© 2005 Konami Digital Entertainment

Translation Project from Japanese to English

Hi to everybody.

We are here to speak about the translation project of a great game by Nihon Falcom.
It's tipically and action-rpg game, originally released by Nohon Falcom in Japanese Language.
Unfortuntaly the game wasn't translate into english and in other language.
In 2005 Konami licensed a PS2 port which received worldwide distribution.
Due to a lack of english translation I and a couple of friends met on the web decided to start this ambitious translation project.
Initially it was very hard since we had to study how to export text and graphics from the game and how to import them again once translated.
We found our answer in Luigi Auriemma that, with our informations and tips and some great coding skills, gave us a bunch or very powerful tools.
So the translation started...and now is still in working progress.
Under theese few lines you will find some informations about the project status and some screenshots showing our results.
We all really hope that you'll enjoy with them.
The final patch will be released for free and firstly it will be released for the 1.1.09 version of the game, taht is to say the update version of the very first release of the game.
Secondly we will release a version fully comptaible with the version, that is to say with the latest Vista compatible version.
After that ( the work is very hard) we will started translatin' the game into italian language, my native language.
Just stay tuned and you'll receive all the updates you need.
Bye Bye

- Doppiapunta


- Doppiapunta : Project Manager, Coordinator, Lead Tester

- Altima: Lead Graphic Artist, Tester

- Radamantys : Lead Translator

- Luigi Auriemma:
Lead Hacker and Coder


XX/10/2008 - Project start

15/11/2008 - First beta release

26/11/2008 - Second Beta Release

- fixed some typos
- fixed some wrong translations of the items

11/12/2008 - Third Beta release

-fixed the bug where the modified font wsn't properly installed on the user system
- some graphic improvements

25/12/2008 - Final Release v. 1.0

- fixed the remaining typos
- fixed some name places mismatch


- Ys VI - English Translation Patch version 1109only ( download this version if you have the first game version ,the so called "Limited Edition")

- Ys VI - English Translation Patch version 1202only ( download this version if you have the so called "Standard Edition" )

- Ys VI - English Translation Patch version 1305only ( download this version if you have the latest game version, including the "Vista compatible edition")


- Check the gallery for more patch screenshots ;)





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